“It Really All Boils Down to…”

If you haven’t checked out my latest monologue (ep. 210) on Trend Following Radio, give it a listen. Feedback in:

Hi Mike, I don’t normally send feedback, but I did enjoy your latest podcast especially the Harding bit. As a small trend following trader, not managing 20bn or in fact anyone’s money, I totally get the whole concept and like you, spend my time bemused by what is on these sites such as CNBC etc. Like David Harding, I can’t tell you why I am long Nat Gas right now, or short bean oil, in fact I really couldn’t care less about what drives any of the markets I trade. The whole idea is so simple in terms of how to trade them that I can’t see any reason to complicate matters with trying to “understand” why markets move in any given direction! It really all boils down to keeping risk small, managing the losses and waiting for the occasional trend to occur…..but you already know that:)!

Kind regards,
John M. (UK)

Thanks John.