The Hunger Games of Hedge Funds?

Feedback in:

Dear Mr. Covel, I’m not sure if you remember me from a while back I wrote you about speaking at Depaul. I wanted to write you for 2 reasons. 1 reason was to thank you for your books, they inspired me throughout the years personally and professionally. TurtleTrader was the first one given to me when I started trading, and my collection grew from there. Besides “The Little Book” collection “Trend Following” has almost become my bible. Currently I’m in a trading competition called [name]. I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of it. It ends this month and I’m doing really well, I’m in first place. This might be the second time I’ve won it. Your writings really helped me out through some hard times and I just wanted to really say I appreciate all your work. I don’t know what’s next for me on this road, I’m the biggest underdog in the competition. It started with 3000 and we’re down to I believe 50 right now. They call it the Hunger Games of Hedge funds. Anyway, if I win I’m going to be sure to mention you and your books. Again, thank you and I hope you have a great 2014.

Tim [name]

Thanks Tim! Best of luck!

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