Finding the Time to Take Control Is Rule No. 1

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Michael, I have been listening to your podcasts for more than a year now. After having gone through the “buy and hold” phase and the gold/silver phase, I’m so thankful to be exposed to the trend following philosophy. This is the first strategy that makes sense to me. I am not interested in reading tea leaves or counting waves on a chart. It is futile to try to predict the future – you can only react to what is.

Michael, I look forward to being a customer of yours one day. Why not now? Well, maybe you can help me brainstorm. I am in the “sweet spot” of my career right now (self-employed real estate appraiser and investor) and am earning a lot. I am reaping the harvest of 25 years of hard, hard work. I still work hard. It’s just that now the profits are there in spades. As a result of this and my church and civic obligations, my time is extremely limited.

I have considered having someone like Bill Dunn or Longboard to manage an account for me, but there’s something inside that resists this. When you talk about taking personal control and responsibility for your life, this resonates with me, because it is what I have done in every phase of my life. It burns me up that I invested ignorantly in the past and I feel a need to personally vindicate myself and not subcontract it out to others.

Therefore, I have been looking around me for a “partner” who I could sponsor in taking your course and investing in tandem with this person. I have given your book (Trend Following) along with Nick Radge’s book to a business associate. I have also considered approaching my son-in-law regarding this.

In summary, I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done. Even though we’ve never met, I feel a camaraderie with you because of all the podcasts. If you have any suggestions for me, I’d be grateful. However, my main reason for writing is to just say thank you. Your work has changed my life for the better.


Kelly [name]
Oklahoma City, OK

Thanks Kelly!

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  1. Tell Kelly from OK City that I would be interested in discussing. I’ve read your books and have traded on and off for 20 years and have been looking for this type of opportunity.

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