Hedge Funds for Non-Millionaires

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Hi Michael, my nephew is interested in trend following investing, but doesn’t have time to do it himself. I remember hearing Jerry Parker on your podcast talking about hooking up with [name] funds to allow regular folks to have access to his fund. Trouble is, his minimum investment there is too high for some people like my nephew. Now I see they also have a deal with Campbell & Co that is cheaper to enter. I think you would have a popular addition to your podcasts to occasionally discuss ways for non-millionaires to do trend following investing through other funds. I know you had Eric Crittenden on with his fund. Maybe this [name] fund would be a good topic as well if you have any connections at equinox. I know you sell [training], but I’ll bet most of your podcast listeners fall into this category like my nephew and would like to have someone else invest their funds in a trend following way. Hey maybe you will start such a fund? Thanks for all you do, and Happy Holidays!


Thanks Mike for the feedback!

Note for everyone: I would stop millionaire v. non-millionaire thinking.

One thought on “Hedge Funds for Non-Millionaires

  1. Since figuring out enough of this 3-d puzzle called the markets a few years ago to make a decent sum, I’ve been inundated with unsolicited requests to manage money — even from my accountants. I personally have no interest in it (something about explaining a 40% draw-down to widows and orphans doesn’t appeal to me), but I think the market for managing money for people who are lost in the market jungle or have no desire to attempt to tame it on their own is huge.

    I also find it fascinating that government restrictions essentially do not allow the average investor to invest with the best money managers. They can put their hard-earned cash into a basic mutual fund managed by Skippy the brown-noser MBA at the local bank and get a 3% gross annual return (from which a 3.5% MER and inflation are deducted), but they are not allowed to even cast a glance at the high-return world of well-managed hedge funds, even if the fund itself opened up to groups of small investors.

    Once again, government policies designed to help the individual actually end up enslaving him/her and keep him/her out of the 1% club. And we wonder why the rich get richer…..

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