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Eric Crittenden Podcast Sparks Feedback

Feedback for my latest interview with Eric Crittenden of Longboard Capital Management:

Michael, I caught the podcast with Eric Crittenden. At the end of the interview he mentions that he quit watching TV and reading newspapers. This has lead to an 10-fold increase in productivity. He also states that one who runs a fund needs to prevent the inundation of information from distracting him. “A clear mind and one focus” to make good business decisions based on the agreed upon needed information to make a good business decision. Since attending Ed’s workshop on TTP and breathwork retreat as well as joining the Austin Tribe, I have found this to be very true the successful TT members. I have yet to ever see the TV on at Ed’s house. I realize you probably know this. I just thought I would throw in my 2 cents. Bruce S.

Thanks Bruce.

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