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Parabolic Moves and Trend Following

Follow the trend to the top and get out as it is falling back down. Predicting the top is a fool’s errand. Feedback in:

James: Hi Michael, hope you are well and Asia is treating you well. You did a podcast with someone (can’t recall his name) and they mentioned taking profits in parabolic moves. Not much help I know but it is all I have. I was wondering if you could recall who it was or if you have any info for taking profits in these types of moves. More than happy to let normal moves roll over and let my trailing stop take me out but some of these parabolic moves give back too much. It is the one part where I believe I can add that extra % to my trading but have not been able to find any trading rules that adds any value. Any help [is] much appreciated. Thanks.

Covel: Don’t recall off top of my head! All good trend following trends tend to be parabolic and all are generally handled the same way. You get out after the peak, not before. I help clients more in my training/systems, but you will also see more thoughts across my books.

James: Thanks for the reply. I know I did not give you much to go on. Will keep looking.

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One comment on “Parabolic Moves and Trend Following
  1. Tom says:

    Check out Tim Pickering podcast at 36:55 where Tim explains the concept of ‘next-generation trend following’ and how he may adjust the size of open positions when volatility peaks to protect open equity gains.

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