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S&A Investor Radio with Frank Curzio

Great feedback from my podcast appearance on S&A Investor Radio with Frank Curzio. Excited to have him on Trend Following Radio in the near future:

Hi Mike, on behalf of Frank, myself and everyone at S&A Investor Radio I wanted to thank you for being on the show this week. As usual your segment was great. The longtime friendship and respect you and Frank have for each other really shined through on this show, it was great to hear. Here’s a link to your interview. Thank you again and we look forward to having you back on again in the near future and let’s put in place a time when we can get Frank and then Porter onto your podcast

All my best,
Stansberry Radio


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One comment on “S&A Investor Radio with Frank Curzio
  1. Jeff says:


    I’ve listened to it twice. Not blowing any smoke here: Your description for the layman at or about the 13 (14?) minute mark, describing “what is Trend Following,” is *so good* I’ve already applied your parlance to my own vernacular as I constantly find myself attempting to acquiesce the curiosity of family and friends as to what the hell it is I’m doing. I’m also quick to refer folks who are genuinely curious to your material. You have a great way with words, Covel. This was an incredible Podcast. Thank you.


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