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Coming Full Circle: Trend Following In Germany

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Dear Michael, thank you sincerely for sending me the DVD all the way to Germany. I am very thankful for that! I found it amazing to see that you were located in Reston, Virginia, where I was stationed as a German exchange soldier from 1995-2001 and where I graduated from [name] and got my MBA from [name] at Falls Church in Finance. My path then had me travel back to Germany and start working as a bond trader for one of the largest banks over here, which is now Italian. Today I run Credit Sales into Germany, Austria & Switzerland at the second largest [country] bank. I spent twelve hardworking years looking for the right trading approach for me and am now coming full circle back to Reston, VA and you! Thank you for your offer to join you and your firm in properly learning a fully worked out process of trend following all markets. After having spent thousands of dollars on trainings, courses, seminars, worked countless hours on day trading approaches and then spent four years investing my own funds by selling far OTM strangles until a tail risk event hit me hard this year, I came to realize that only a well diversified portfolio of trend following bets in addition to sound money management can be the right approach for me to achieve freedom from having to go to work every day in a few years. I am looking forward to working with you over the next 18-months. What do you need from me, in order to purchase the Flagship Pro Trader please Michael? Thank you again and kind regards from Germany


Thanks for the great feedback. Here is the order link. Glad to have you. Look forward to helping!

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