SE Asia Has It Going On!

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Dear Michael,

I am a convinced trend following student and I would like to thank you very much for sharing all your insights. I really enjoy reading your books and listening to your podcasts. This morning I listened to your podcasts from Krabi. Your view on South East Asia is correct. In this region there is a lot more going on than in the old world of Europe and USA and the people here usually have a great entrepreneurial spirit. I am German and have been working in developing countries since 1995. I started in Latin America and since 2003 I have been in South East Asia. Having spent 9 years in Indonesia, currently I am working in KL and Singapore, still traveling a lot to Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, enjoying very much the different perspective on life you get living in this part of the world and mixing with the local people who have a completely different approach to life. In your podcast today you mentioned that it is possible that you share parts of the presentation you have given yesterday in Tokyo at CSLA. I would be very happy to receive it and I thank you very much in advance. You mentioned that you will be in Singapore and in KL in the near future and I am wondering whether there is any chance to listen to your presentations in one of these cities. Again thank you very much for sharing your insights and inspiring in such an incredible way. I am looking forward to learn a lot more from you in the future.

Best regards
Joerg K.

Thanks Joerg! Currently I am in KL. Headed to Vietnam next. Best way to follow the details of my next move? My Facebook. The CLSA presentation? A version of that soon to be available!

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