Sorting Through Trend Following Logistics

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Would you do me the next best thing and highlight any resources including books or studies (the interviewing podcasts are great, so many cool dudes on there and the mindset stuff really comes through) on position sizing, what model I should use to allocate risk to trade correlated and negatively correlated markets so the account doesn’t end up balls deep and in the wake of a draw down detrimental to the overall account growth (or should I take that risk and wait for the upside?), and how does one determine the markets to trade… so far I trade only pairs and I want to trade everything possible but I don’t know exactly how to identify what is what (so if I could ask this as one question what should I avoid and what I should trade, what instruments/markets do you follow, etc. I don’t want to get really really into it like Eric Crittenden at Longboard just enough to… how do I say this, basically I don’t want to burn out and deter myself at this point in time as that’s a personal characteristic). So to sum it up I understand the concepts now I need to identify the logical stuff and get it on paper so the numbers come out correctly. This is where I am with trend following I’m pretty sure I can handle risk and I’ve been tested enough to understand what’s to come and all these comfortable people say that hey it’s worth doing so get it together. Any help would be great, i.e. books, podcasts presentations or anything that you think will keep me rollin with the next steps in the mission.

I have 5 books. A film. Podcast episodes. And personal training. All are good places to launch your mission.

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  1. Ed Seykota once said that everyone gets exactly what they want from the markets. He’s right. Know what you want, and understand you don’t trade the market, you trade you beliefs about the market. To understand which of those beliefs are useful and which ones are not, I’d recommend you read a newly published book called “Trading Beyond the Matrix” by Dr. Van Tharp. Dr Tharp is a Market Wizard and a premiere source on trading psychology – Michael has him on a Podcast. Know who you are and what you want before you start – if you let the market be your professor the tuition is a bear – no pun intended – Good Luck!

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