“There is sooo much data/noise out there these days…”

Feedback in:

Hi Michael,

I’ve read Trend Following and am about to tuck into TurtleTrader,. I’ve been listening to some of the podcast interviews also. I’d just like to say thanks! I spent about 3 years reading as much fundamental data as possible and frying my brain (although The Intelligent Investor was a good read and changed my outlook). There is sooo much data/noise out there these days, it feels like a weight off my mind now I have found my definite objective finally and I can embrace Trend Following and move along the winding, bumpy path to success. Thanks for the inspiration, you do make a difference.

Cathal in Madrid, Spain.

p.s. The secret to success? Absolute will to succeed. This is pretty damn impressive (tho nary a mention of steroids!)


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