Mike Dever on the Podcast for a Return Visit: New and Extended

Mike Dever was my first guest on my new 2012 podcast, but today on his second appearance he provides even more “must-listen-to-insights” for the systematic/trend trading community. Dever’s 30+ years of experience is not to be missed:

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Also, Dever’s great book “Jackass Investing” should be on your investing shelf:

Jackass Investing by Mike Dever

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One comment on “Mike Dever on the Podcast for a Return Visit: New and Extended
  1. newman says:

    The interviews and guests just keep getting better.  Great discussion about deliberately steering portfolios to the more aggressive managers, not the ones who don’t want to take risks.  In my trading, this is one of the things that’s keeping me from living the dream.  I’ll be replaying this one regularly.

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