Jim Cramer Reminds Us All Why Fundamental Analysis is BS

300 to 110 is the decline in Netflix, but in July Cramer rationalized it all:

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5 comments on “Jim Cramer Reminds Us All Why Fundamental Analysis is BS
  1. Mosaic says:

    M: The only thing I like about you is our mutual disdain for Cramer – I always find it amusing that your books are often near, or even next to his, in the bookstore 😉

  2. Sandwah says:

    he is so painful to watch. down 60%+ since, he must love it now. what is really funny is that he literally top ticked the stock on this broadcast.

  3. scott shaffer says:

    I realize Cramer has to provide entertainment each day (for hours) but some of his statements and stock picks remind of that guy trying to find the fastest lane at the toll booth.

    As someone in the business for over 25 years, your books summarize the way real money is made in the market.

  4. Bill Tucker says:

    Haven’t followed Cramer on NFLX (as far i know, he was bullish the entire way down) but when this video was done (July 13th) wasn’t the trend still up?

  5. Sandwah says:

    yea bill, it was def up in my model and good point. i just found it hilarious that he as a purported fundamentalist, happened to choose the literal top in the stock to pontificate on the stock. over the years, i have found that some people somehow channel the mass psychology in stocks, to the point where by their capitulations either buying or selling, they so often mark tops or bottoms.

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