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CNBC: ‘Anyone Who Owns A Suit Can Come On Television’

From accounts:

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ–Citing a need to provide quality programming 24 hours a day, CNBC has extended an invitation to anyone who owns a suit to drop by the financial news network and be a guest expert, cohost a show with Larry Kudlow, or do whatever. “Don’t worry about what kind of shape your suit is in,” said CNBC president Mark Hoffman, who explained that his network’s studio has an iron and some old phone books that people can press their jackets on. “Just come on down, run a comb through your hair, and if you’re here by 8 a.m., we’ll have you on Squawk Box at 8:15 making stock picks. But don’t forget your suit!” Hoffman added that men of ruddy complexion with neck sizes exceeding 19 inches are not required to wear a tie.

p. 161 of Trend Commandments…shows this to be closer to truth over parody.

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5 comments on “CNBC: ‘Anyone Who Owns A Suit Can Come On Television’
  1. Larry says:

    that’s awesome! Coin flips and throwing darts tests better than CNBC “gurus”…

  2. Robert says:

    I need sunglasses to look at that suit.

  3. DGDye says:

    …throw in a matching lobotomy and they’ll give you your own show!

  4. aaron smith says:

    SO TRUE, I PUT ON A SUIT AND WENT ON CNBC EUROPE SQUAWK IN LONDON THIS MORNING. They could figure out why I can’t “predict” the future and when i said i use a system, they were totally stumped!!!

  5. Michael Covel says:

    Aaron, great insight! lol.

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