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Monthly Archives: June 2010

“He Was a Ra-tard” (Shout to Zach Galifianakis)

Mark Hulbert pens some of the best mindless drivel seen in a while: “Fortunately, a disappointing first half does not automatically doom the second half of the year. A clue to this comes from just anecdotal evidence. Take 2009, for

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Swing Baby! And Keep Swinging!

Ken at Top Breakout Stocks recently made a comment here about this WSJ article. What did he say? “Replace the word ‘strikeout’ with ‘taking a loss’ and ‘runs’ with ‘profits’ and it’s a perfect analogy for trading.” So I decided

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I Say Start the War: No Recovery Until Public Sector Pensions Are Slashed!

Read and watch.

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Stop with the Good News!

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Useful Reading

“Defining the Link Between Risk and Leverage” (PDF). “Performance, Risk, and Correlation Characteristics” (PDF). “Top 100 Hedge Funds” (PDF).

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A Trader’s Self-Evaluation Checklist

Some key questions asked by Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D. in his ‘A Trader’s Self-Evaluation Checklist’? Are trading losses often followed by further trading losses? Do you end up losing money in ‘revenge trading’ just to regain money lost? Do you

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Buckle Up!

A comment from here: “They have been unable to increase lending. Our fiscal operations have been largely targeted on the same markets – the lending markets. Unfortunately, the crux of this problem does not reside at the banking level, but

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