Peter Borish: A View

I have had the opportunity over the years to spend time with Peter Borish. He is truly one of the straight-shooters on Wall Street. A comment from his firm’s marketing materials:

“We don’t have a bias. In our view, the market is always right. So we remain flexible. Our approach is to analyze the data, pour over the stats, and call the plays to Joe [Joe Niciforo, Chairman of Twinfields Capital] – but it’s Joe who makes the final trading decision in light of his experience and read of the market. Unlike chess, in trading there’s no one right move. There’s an element of uncertainty. In that way trading is more like backgammon – highly unpredictable. But notice one thing: the same top players always compete in the big tournaments. That speaks to experience. Models are crucial to what we do as traders. We couldn’t work without them. But if you don’t have an experienced person making decisions in what is often an uncertain environment, you’ll lose. Joe represents experience and decisiveness in a cool head. He has the maturity to know when to follow our themes and when to ignore our calls and follow his instincts.”
Peter Borish

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